A Stunning site, a very rare occasion that people are in the presence of a Falcone.
Holy Fuck!, your a Falcone!
by Trevinnnnnboyyyy December 10, 2007
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Someone who buys cheap knockoffs of well known fashion brands from dimmeys.
Did you see her clothes?
They're so lame.
She's such a falcone
by ineed$ May 13, 2008
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The act of accidently and completely throwing someone close to you under the bus, at the precise moment that everyone is focused on you
Dad. Falcon, did you hear me calling for you?
Falcon. Yes, but you said we were doing it for the show!
by Rosslyn Maleman October 17, 2009
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When you see a good looking lass in public, ‘Falcon’ is used as a codeword between you and your mates to show that you find them attractive or sexy.
by KB007 December 28, 2019
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When a sports team starts off with a lead and blows it at the end
Your team sucks. They are always falconing.
by Jaynotpopular December 14, 2020
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Getting hit in the head with an object
usually a flying object and usually a ball of some sort.

Originated from Australian National Rugby League player Mario "falcon" Fenech.
that was the best falcon i've ever seen
by bjstamina April 15, 2011
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One of the best fucking power/folk metal bands in the world. Hailing from Sweden, Falconer has released seven albums between 2001 and 2011. The current (and past) lead vocalist is Mathias Blad, though Kristoffer Göbel was featured on Falconer's third and fourth albums. Falconer sings about such things as epic quests, shipwrecks, traditional folk songs, and falcons.
by scorpiogtx1 March 14, 2012
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