dutch slang from the surinamese word fawaka which is essential how is it going or whats up
person 1:ay fakka g

person2: hoe gaat het my niffo
by nar nar nig nog December 10, 2019
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synonym for 'fucker'. can only be used in context when speaking in pidgin-english. cannot be used in conjunction with 'mother' or any such derived word.
"How this fakka blocking da H-1!"
by Dr. Ren_Ayanami, Ph.D January 27, 2005
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Emphasizing a certain action
You tryna fakka fakka play Fortnite?
by K1LLUAA August 7, 2018
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A Dutch synonym for hello, often used by Dutch suburban youth.
Fakka Bro moet je gerro: hey dear friend would you want a cigarette
by Yeetcheetourdadbeetourmom November 2, 2019
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Når du fucker ekstremt med noe
"Fakkas, fucker ekstremt med G-Wagon ass. Tatatatatatata"
by Paven av Keegistan May 6, 2022
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Fakka is another way of saying "What's Up". Most of the time you will hear it being used in street language. But it gets used in the normal language too. The country of origin is the Netherlands. A Lot of rappers started using it and then their fans too.
Man 1 : Fakka brother
Man 2 : I'm doing great bro how about you
by dat mado June 24, 2019
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A hollowed out dildo, featuring an auger and hand crank. Typically used for cleaning out one’s intestines prior to sexual activity.
Dude I grinded about 12lbs of shit outa ma bitch last night with my new Caca-Fakka. I needed to change the sheets before we put in that work.
by Ginger Snappah Head October 15, 2021
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