A derogatory term for a homosexual. It is used generally towards homosexual men.

I the U.K. a faggott is a piece of wood.
Jeremy called his brother a faggott. He is a mean person.
by Chayotelover August 19, 2009
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A cocksucker, a homosexual, a guy who takes the balls across the nose, a guy who takes it in the mudwhistle
look at that guy over there, what a faggott. Yup hes a cocksucker allright.

Often referenced as a "Joe in Chicago"
That guy is fruitier than "Joe in Chicago" or we're in a "Joe" bar or look at that faggott, he is surely a "Joe in Chicago"
by Joeinchicago197077776 July 1, 2009
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"The Transvestite was obviously faggotter than the Homosexual Man he was fucking in the ass, as he was dressed and made up to look like a Women."
by GafTheChef October 10, 2017
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A person who executes a time and date of a party, informs others and then doesnt even show up himself is a irresponsible, selfish, idiot
Hey lets all meet up at this place on this date at this time.
(Then the host and creator of the party doesnt show up)
A "Party Faggott"
by Go Mickey August 19, 2012
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Boy on twitter. Cute and writes great tweets. He's hot and one of the best tweeters.
Person 1: "omg have you seen Matt Faggott on twitter?!"
Person 2: "yeah omg he's well hot but he'll never notice me".
by C4rrotm0nster_ June 13, 2012
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An extremely gay fag that you should not associate with or you'll be one.
"Gibran is a neon faggott get away from him".
by Pussy NI🅱🅱A April 4, 2018
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