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Carrying on in a gay and/or homosexual manner in public...usually involving two completely heterosexual male friends.
"Sergio, Eddie...look, I know you guys are excited about going to Magic Mountain, but you don't have to hold each others hands...please, stop fagging off."
by Russ D May 27, 2005
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When two male's either homosexual or sometimes not engage in sexual intercourse or foreplay.
Fagging off can also be used to create a sense of discomfort around non gay men!
Tom "you where drunk last night Dave, you actually started fagging off with Tim"

Dave ":O"
by Poot Machine September 24, 2011
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When a Gay man starts getting loud and waving his hand around when he is upset over an incident or issue of some kind.
The tall longed hair gay man starting faggingoff over his number being posted and his order not being in front of him.
by jaymaster2j's October 03, 2009
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The definition of Faking off means when two male or female people hook up and get caught doing it
I caught that nigga fagging off what the homies brother yo
by QweenHoneyG May 06, 2018
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Carrying on rediculous and unwarranted homosexual acts in public places; such as gyms, to attract the attention of other gays.

Sometimes used competitivley between two or more fags to determine who is the faggiest. More commonly know as a fag off.
Quit fagging off over there you are making a mess.
by Cara bella dou in heif June 11, 2010
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oh, that's just lovely. You put words into my mouth about doing such a sickening activity as that. I guess you think you're better than me because of it, don't you.
Laugh it up, enjoy the things that satisfy your sick hunger, but I won't drag myself down to your level.
by A Midwestern Christian April 17, 2005
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