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the nice cuts men have on their bodies directing you to their goods. better know as obliques. They are called fag handles because it gives gay men something to hang on the while they are pitching. Hag handles are one of the most attractive things on a man's body to women.
Chelsea: So Andrew posted pics on his myspace and he totally has fag handles.

Laura: OH MY GOD *faints*
by Lawruh March 04, 2008
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The formation of the hair in a knot or 'BUN' found to be present on most young white men typically ranging in ages late teens to thirties. Used as a grip when engaging the anus and mouth of those with such hairstyle aka 'Wilmas', derived from name of the wife of Fred Flinstone in the popular 60's cartoon 'The Flinstones'. Interpretations as to the character of those sporting the latest cultural hair style can very from 'Weakling' to 'Faggot'. Those sporting such are thought to have delusions believing they are Jedi Knights or Samurai...
Tommy held onto Derek's fag handle with all his might as he pushed deeper into the recesses of Derek's.... (censored)
by Lakeman89451 July 25, 2017
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1. the loop found on carpenter style pants, more specifically when found on carpenter shorts.

2. a penis
"What do you got there on your pants? Fag Handle! Fag Handle!"

"He just walked right up to him and grabbed him by the fag handle."
by ATMJess May 27, 2007
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