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Faezaa is a fun loving person who always falls in love with ****boys . Shes extremely silly but she's a really nice and pretty girl.
Faezaa what's your cup size.
by Deana November 23, 2016
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Faezaa is a beautiful young lady that would always go for guys that are older than her, she also likes guys that are tall.She is extremely funny and loyal.
Faezaa is a gorgeous young lady
by Aydia July 01, 2017
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She is a wonderful. Loyalty. Unique in her own ways. Full of joy. Even sometimes she acts like annoyed, selfish, hot tempered but inside she's a kind person. Like to helps people. Hard to love. Once she in love, she will give all their heart. Do not let her go. You will never found someone like her after this.
Guy1: Hey do you see her ?

Guy2: who's her?
Guy1: Faezaa. She's hot. I wanna date her.
by nz_1424 April 23, 2018
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