Fight; hair cut; violence.
Also a way to confuse people when they don't know what you are talking about.
Kid #1: I want your fade man.
Kid #2: What does that mean? Do you want my hair cut?
Kid #1: No man. I want to fight you.
Kid #2: So you just said to me you want my fight?
by hey-soos December 1, 2006
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A term used in craps to describe a bettor who covers "part or all of the shooter's center bet". Such a bettor is a fader, (who, according to oddsmakers, enjoys a slight edge over the shooter. Therefore, craps hustlers pass when it is their turn with the dice).
I decided to fade the shooter five times for all five dimes, convinced he would crap out. Unfortunately, he threw two sevens and three elevens, costing me the entire five grand -- leaving exactly zero in Junior's college fund.
by MTyeW23 February 28, 2018
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to back up or support, especially financially
He was there to fade a few of those crap shooters.
by Jim King December 18, 2004
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someone who is high all the time. they seem a little faded.
man, he's such a fade.
by virginia. August 12, 2003
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If my boss asks me to work overtime on a Friday night when a fine girl is waiting for me to get off. I can't even fade that. Sorry but I gotta bounce.
by Brandon S June 23, 2005
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paying money to the guy with the weed so you can smoke with him
"aye my nigga rick you got fade on this?"

"fasho my nigga, i got 4 on that shit"
by peter February 19, 2005
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a person that wants to buy drugs
"a i'm over here takin all these people fade"
by mello December 12, 2003
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