To assist another in hooking up. Antonym to cockblock.
Trudy and Dan frequently had time alone to hookup because her roomate would cock facilitate, by leaving and giving them privacy.
by max100 May 31, 2009
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A Bullshit Facilitator is a certain professional, or group of them, that couldn't make it to the Big League in the western world, so decided to spice up his/their CV and venture somewhere else in one of under-development countries, hoping to be mistaken for a Guru and to get some business.
Generally bullshit facilitators have western looks, spiffed up attires, and they talk a lot of pseudo-jargon at length, trying always to sound intelligent and business-savvy by decorating their long speeches to clueless audiences with words such as 'collaterals', 'rationales', 'incidence', 'strategy', 'low hanging fruits', 'branding' and other buzzwords, mixed with complex diagrams that resembles oftentimes the structure of Dante's Inferno.
This, in terms of business, is like wanting to teach the theories of West Coast Offense to some 5th Graders playing touch football once a week on sundays afternoons.

Generally their fields of specialty are those gray zones in business where you can say everything and the exact contrary and not being easily proven wrong, such as, for instance, design, or, I dunno, branding and marketing.

They're facilitators because they make easier to absorb bullshit by mistaking shit for sound business advices and also in the sense that they make easier for other countries to produce that same bullshit that come from the Western World.
Lim Lin: "Hey! That guy that spoke at the workshop yesterday know how to wear his hat! He's so knowledgeable"

Darren: "mmmmmmm, to me he seemed nothing but another bullshit facilitator"
by Parcerito February 02, 2010
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a gay facilitator is a form of person who claims that gays ( lesbians as) and their practices are normal,natural and healthy.
by his false advice he deceives idiots.
a g.f to a teen: homosexuality is good ,you have right, it's sentimental ...etc.

guy: don't listen it! teen,you know what he is?

teen: yeah! it's nothing but a gay facilitator!

guy: so, beware!
by sqoual September 07, 2009
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aka. D.F.R.D.E. A major social problem where people with disabilities often have a harder time getting into and maintaining romantic relationships compared to the average person. This happens for various reasons including that people with disabilities often have a harder time recognizing social cues that indicate someone likes them romantically due to lack of experience and the fact they are not taught about how recognize romantic cues from their parents, teachers, and friends, people assume that people with disabilities are not able to fulfill their expectations for romantic partners, and in school settings, they are often taught separately from kids who don't have disabilities, which prevents them from making friends who don't have disabilities who could teach them more about how to get into and maintain romantic relationships.
The disability facilitated romantic disadvantage effect is an issue where people with disabilities have a harder time getting into and maintaining romantic relationships compared to the average person. The best way to correct this problem is to remind people of all the things these people are capable of doing just as well as the average person. It is very unfortunate this issue is still very prevalent.
by Vanguard 1998 February 18, 2021
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