A word that describes people who are awesome and fantastic in all situations. Its a noun bizzles, and a sweet one at that.
"Dude, did you see Beaky? She is such a facehead!"
"I know, brotha from anotha motha, she is a facehead and its cool. Like really really cool!
Faces are always seen on heads. For this reason describing someone as a facehead means that nothing they provide to society means anything; they are in fact... completly simple plain and irrelevent. This blandness and no-worth-ness is simply described as telling a person they are simple normal and plain... you have a face on your head... and thats about it= facehead
"Guys... i thinks this is a really good idea"
"Youre a facehead... shut up no one cares"
"Damn guys... you suck"
by Yori Hudi and Jordan February 1, 2008
Term showing a complete disregard for another's being while attempting to indicate such person.
I'm talking about facehead over there!
by steveisright November 22, 2003
A person who is addicted to social networking, including but not limited to Facebook.
Chuck never talks to people anymore unless it's through Facebook or Twitter, he is such a facehead.
by Aidan Cero July 3, 2011
hitting your head with your face

stressed enough that you use head and face that the same time
En! Don't facehead too hard
by shiki_shiro\ September 9, 2018
Similar to a "basehead", which is someone who freebases drugs. But in this case, the drug is Facebook.

They will spend hours upon hours on FB and ulitmatley accomplish nothing in their actual "real life", then wonder where the day went.

A total facebook addict.
Me- "Hey! How come there's no dinner?! Where's mom?"

You- "Where do YOU think she is?"

Me- "Lemme guess, on the computer?"

You- "Yep."

Me- "What a facehead. Let's go to Sonic."
by Sam Skrambel February 5, 2010
a humourous insult
shut the funk up u facehead
by Heik March 1, 2004