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The act of planting one's face into a desk at high speeds usually due to embarrasment or frustration.
Yohn facedesked because of the insanity in the room.
by SuikoxYohn July 05, 2006
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Similar to facepalm or headdesk, but a combination thereof.
Used to indicate an excessively stupid comment or action which neither facepalm or headdesk can adequately describe.
User2: What stuff?
User1: Two squirrels came up to the window and started eating each other!
User2: ...
User1: Or maybe big cats, or possibly two dogs and a chipmunk...
User2: *facedesk*
by reversethepolarity August 10, 2009
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For when a facepalm just isn't enough.
User1: What's brown and sticky?
User2: What?
User1: A twig.
User2: I don't get it.
User1: *facedesk*
by monkyingaround October 17, 2012
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A term invented and used by trolls, children and people who are mentally impaired to demonstrate their desperate need to tell others that facepalm is not strong enough to express their objection to a previous statement.

Facedesk is commonly represented by a crude demotivational poster including a picture of a person with their head pressed against a desk and the word Facedesk either on the picture or underneath. This is used as a desperate attempt to enhance the impact of the term.

Facedesk would fit between the more commonly used facepalm and wallbash.
Fair enough, I've got a fast Internet connection and I haven't even played online. I see Gran Turismo as a game to play alone to get the money and buy cars to do certain races, and tune the cars up. Racing with AI is fun, and racing against the clock is fun as hell as well!

All I do when I think of "online" in GT5 is...


by FireDragon7 December 09, 2010
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