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When a person you want to either be friends with, date, be in a relationship with, or have sex with won't willingly hangout with you in person and limits you to communication through Facebook usually because they don't know you well or don't want to know you well for various reasons. Can sometimes include texting to an extent. Usually will make you feel like a desperate asshole for continuing to try (unless you're self-absorbed). Can sometimes be worse than the friendzone depending on the situation. Is extremely common with people you add and have mutual friends with but haven't met in person.
Clay - "Man, Emily facebook zoned me last night..."
Bob - "Ouch, how exactly?"
Clay - "I just asked if I could take her out and buy her dinner...she said she doesn't hangout with people she doesn't know well"
Bob - "Ooo, yeah, didn't you hear? Girls are allergic to dinner."
by Clay42 February 10, 2014
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