The situation where an individual displays pictures of themselves online that do not reflect their actual appearance.

This often occurs when the individual manages what pictures others can see.
"Wow, that girl is hot!" (looking at pictures online)

"WTF, you're hideous?! (meeting face-to-face)

Clearly, this is an example of the facebook effect.
by Jaffar321 November 29, 2009
The feeling of déjà vu one often experiences upon meeting someone one has friended or Facebooked, but has never actually met in person.
Person A: "I feel like I've met you before."
Person B: "Yeah. I feel the same way."
Person A {struck by a strong realization}: "Oh! Do you have Facebook?"
Person B {struck with similar sense as Person A}: "Yes I do. That's where I know you from!"
Person A: "Dude! We totally just experienced the Facebook Effect!"
Person B: "Crazy!"
by mmccroskey July 27, 2006
The Facebook Effect is to know instant in-depth social information about a person. The personal information that can be disclosed includes birthday, hometown, relationship status, siblings, mutual and all other friends, favorite music, movies, and books, home and cell phone numbers, past schools and job places, along with photos and videos.
Would it affect your interest in perusing a person based on if they had a facebook or not?
Is the "Facebook Effect" hindering or improving our chances with a more suitable mate?
by Sugarnuts3000 November 19, 2009
When you're up late at night and you posts on Facebook instantly when they're posted. Essentially it's where the later you stay up, the less people post. Anything after Midnight tends to be Pages posting stupid stuff, but none of your friends actually post interesting content. So when something comes along that's actually cool, or in rare instances like when your friends actually tag you in a post or comment on your status, you get really excited and respond fast. It's a bit like a bell curve, during the day when you get a lot of notifications you're kinda like eh, whatever, and you're barely excited, but the later it gets the more exciting it gets....
It was around 4am when the Facebook Insomniac Effect happened: I was tagged in a video and I found myself bursting into flames, flames of excitement.
by delaware dongle March 26, 2013
The idea that the political ignorant have been radicalized to become far-right fascists through social media and meme culture.
Carlos used to be a fanatic futbol fan, The Facebook effect turned him into a fascist who posts about far-right ideals that are destroying the lives of people like him.
by PatriotMaker October 6, 2021