The act of meeting up with another person for the sole purpose of having them sit on your face.
I facebooked your mum the other night, nearly lost my head up there.
by Deadpan January 14, 2009
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Showing extreme preference and/or devotion toward a particular product over others that may be similar.
Person 1: Do you want some Pepsi?
Person 2: Sure.
Person 1: Oh, I thought you were facebooked under coke.
Person 2: What? No, I don't care.
by Laurie Cathal October 16, 2021
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When a person gets entered from behind by a dick so massive that it exits their face. Often times leaving the person open wide like the guest book at a wedding.
Tragedy struck our small town when the prom queen was facebooked at a party last night. Authorities have placed viagra in the local water supply and are confident the hardened criminal will soon be apprehended.
by Fun Uncle Captain Ken May 22, 2016
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A person who is caught doing something illegal by police who used Facebook statuses by said person to bring their illegal actions to light. Basically, police search for stuff on Facebook and people's incriminating status updates get them caught.
An example of a news story about a person who was Facebooked:

Police arrested a 23 year old Mark Johnson today for allegedly posting on Facebook that he was going to score a lot of money for his crystal meth earlier this week. He has been charged with owning and operating a meth lab and police say his statements on Facebook lead to his arrest after a quick search.
by Tex-Mex Shawn C. November 20, 2010
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The point at which a database application or software becomes very large and it's processes become so interconnected that it begins to modify the users behaviors required to perform what were simple tasks at conception.

Particularly applies to database access software used by large numbers of people to perform a large variety of tasks.
I used to be able to send out a form letter to our customers by asking 1 person. Now with the new computer system I have to send a request to Suzi, then it gets sent through 30 people before the letter can even be written. God only knows who finally ends up writing the letter! This system is totally facebooked!
by Bikejunky June 15, 2011
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When you've budgeted time to catch up on notifications and read status updates.
I haven't checked PerezHilton yet... I'm still facebooked.
by VisualScott November 13, 2009
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When something comes out that is new and revolutionary, then a year or so later something else comes out that takes the concept of the first thing and makes it better, ultimately leading to more popularity of the second thing and the decline of the first thing. That's getting facebooked.

Ex- myspace defeat by facebook
Guy 1: Hey remember when Guitar Hero 3 came out?
Guy 2:Yeah
Guy 1: But then Rock Band came out the same year and was better?
Guy 2:Yeah
Guy 1:Guitar Hero totally got facebooked!
by "Caesar" The Great September 29, 2010
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