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To ask a question on facebook when you know the real answer will be found on google.
Jack: What does this rash on my ass mean?!
Jill: I dunno! Google it. Don't faceboogle it.
by etceteraetceteraetcetera June 09, 2011
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When a person, usually a young, blonde woman, uses facebook as if it were google by posting simple questions as her statuses, thereby asking her friends for the answer.
John: Did you see Derpina's status last night?

Joe: You mean the one that asked how many toes a cat has?

John: Yeah, that dumb bitch faceboogled.
by The_Faceboogler June 07, 2011
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Faceboogling is what happens at the end of a porn movie, the Man faceboogles a woman, or boogles on a woman's face. Basically it means to cum on a woman's face, to faceboogle.
1. Man:I'm going to faceboogle you biatch!
Woman:Ok, just not in the eye.
2. Is there any faceboogling in that porn flick by the name "Pirates"?
3. I always practice safe faceboogling, by aiming away from the eyes, and toward the forehead.
by John, Merdock. April 16, 2008
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when Google buys out Facebook, and the number one Website now owns the number Two website
They were a software developer working at Facebook, and they got lucky when Google bought out Facebook and became Faceboogle. Then they could say they work at Google. Plus, they have a "nap room" with recliners.
by Sylvia Fawkes March 12, 2016
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