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when you try to go on facebook and type it into your browser too quickly and forget the "k." Then that google search engine thing pops up.

damn it, i forgot the k.
by totesboss April 23, 2008
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A faceboo is someone you have an online relationship with. You'll probably never meet your faceboo in person, especially if he or she lives in another state or even another country, but you still flirt on various social media.
So when you gonna hook up with that girl you keep chattin with?
Chill, son - she just my faceboo.
by alteregalitarian June 23, 2010
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Yo, you know those friends on Facebook, friends of friends, people you don't know, but they always be likin yo posts, sending Happy Birthday or commenting on yo club pics? They yo faceboos. You have ya bros, ya hos, ya boos, ya cuz and ya faceboos.
Babe, why ya gotta be so jealous! Quit trippin! She's just my faceboo!
by Jamesknapper June 04, 2013
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A lover or boyfriend/girlfriend that has reached the status of being "In a Relationship" with you on Facebook.
Ron: WHAT?? My brother is in a relationship? W.T.Fucks?
Eric: What, you didn't know?
Ron: No, I knew he was sort of dating someone but I didn't know they were face boo's.
Eric: Haha, that's rich.
Ron: Us gays make the best nicknames!!!
by shmek April 07, 2011
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-verb (transitive)
1. To come from seemingly nowhere and contact another on Facebookยฎ.

2. The item received when one Faceboos you.
Ex 1(verb): Tracy Just commented on my status. Where the %$#@ did she come from? She totally Faceboo'd me.

Ex 2(Noun): I just got a Faceboo from Jenny. I forgot all about that whore. Wonder who she's banging now?!
by JeremyIsAwesome February 02, 2011
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A Faceboo is simply your boo (lover, boyfrend, girlfriend) that you met on Facebook first.
John: So mike how did you and Kate meet
Mike: Oh! She's my Faceboo
by Tale07_cro February 03, 2010
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