f bomb refers to the strongest weapon in one's verbal arsenal. in a time when words like 'bitch' and 'ass' have lost their shock value in pop culture, the word 'fuck' is still like dropping a bomb in polite conversation.
in junior high, my teacher called my parents because i dropped the f bomb in art class.
by John December 7, 2003
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The "f word"
Al Pacino dropped 182 f bombs in Scarface
by Kevin June 8, 2003
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You must include all four letters, F-U-C-K. "F-off" is not dropping the f bomb.
by Shannon of Rocklin January 9, 2004
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dropping the f-bomb is to take off ones verbal gloves and put on the bronze knuckles of swear words. To use the f-bomb is to tap into the ultimate source of power. Be careful young grasshopper, or the f-bomb may consume you.
Bitchass #2: "don't you unplug da fbomb like that bitch you preppy son of a bitch"
by Alex July 29, 2004
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when you are out of words to use like bitch and ass, the f bomb is a last resort.
my mom grounded me because i dropped a f bomb
by urbanmster11234 February 8, 2018
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Politically correct way to take the thunder out of the word fuck. Only pussies and rich kids say "f bomb."
Brad: I am a too much of a pussy to say "fuck."
Lance: Whoa, dude. Dude, you dropped an f bomb!
by Justin Force July 21, 2004
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