To edit the text in an image and rearrange the letters to spell a nonsensical and often sexually suggestive/explicit phrase. Similar to the recurring gag that appears in the children’s book series “Captain Underpants”, but more risqué. The original “Expand Dong” was morphed from text found on the box cover of Donkey Kong 64.

sbubby is a variant of Expand Dong that focuses on corporate logos.
That “Thicc Mintsimage is one of the best examples of expand dong that I’ve ever seen.
by Baconfry February 6, 2019
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1. To face the difficulties life has to bring and look back to those troubles as a lesson and/or a build of strength

2. To grow or progress on something potentially large
1. I used to think Honors Physics was hell, but no matter how much of hell I thought it was, I continued to try and get through everything it had to offer. I thought of some better study methods, learned what review processes work best for me, and it became way less of a struggle for me. In other words, beginning my destination to a Ph.D in Physics, I had to Expand Dong.

2. America's 19th century belief in a Manifest Destiny, the belief that Expansionism out west was justifiable and inevitable, required America to Expand Dong, and work hard to put everything the west had to offer to some good use.
by MickeyMaker April 21, 2019
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1. To erect your male genital (if you are originally male)

2. A photoshopping meme, using the words and letters from various or single source to make often perverted captions, followed with images of characters. The first meme is made in 2013, from letters and Donkey Kong's face from Donkey Kong 64 boxart.
Donkey Kong: *sees Candy Kong*
Also Donkey Kong: *EXPAND DONG*
by amogusamoguseverywhere August 10, 2021
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