when your awake at 4am and have nothing to do but be alone with your own thoughts. just you with your mind. nothing and anything could happen but it doesn’t so you just sit there. blankly starring at the ceiling.
do you ever have 4am existentialism? because i do..”
by kosmic_weedBrownie November 28, 2022
Existentialism: “I’m not crazy!! It’s you guys who are the crazy ones!! Stupid society.”
by Zatarain’s Root Beer Drinker September 29, 2021
The belief that something can only exist if you believe in its existance, therefore, making you the god of all in your existence
Dude, I am schrodinger's existentialism...
by ApocEclipse January 8, 2021
Person A: *sends a Mariah Carey meme *
You: i forgot that she exists
Person A: sorry I ruined your existential bliss
You: you did
by WeezerFan07 September 28, 2022