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Legendary cause of diabetes.
"Ah've been drankin' 3 big gulps a' day fer every day a' my life, sixteen years straight. Yessir." -blind, toeless man
by vinman11 April 30, 2007

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What over 60% of internet porn purports to be about.
Shaky camera? Check.
Hipster chick? Check.
Sociopathic video description? Double-check.

Ex.; "exgf_brutaly_fucked_in_her_slutt_pussy.mpg,"; "watch_my_ex-girlfriend_pounded_by_13incock.avi"
by vinman11 February 28, 2010

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In a similar manner to a sidekick, the back-kick supports a hero or superhero in his (or her) endeavors. The difference arises in that a back-kick provides support from an external area, (hideout, lair, rooftop, etc.), usually through Intel, weapons, and vehicles. The back-kick's duties may extend into general maintenance of the hero's hideout (bitchwork), or in some cases, emotional support.
Alfred Pennyworth (of Batman) is a classic, well-known example of a back-kick.
by vinman11 February 17, 2008

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a combination of one who is both grimey, yet also has the characteristics of a gremlin. The creature usually flaunts a frightening hair style, along with a perpetually snide and annoying face.

It is best to keep away, though keep in mind the grimelin will not always keep away from you.
Grimelin: RAAARARARA!!!!!

Guy: Holy fuck in heaven!!
by vinman11 December 01, 2006

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Pronounced, "sehb jay," or "see bee jay" if irony is intended. A closed eye blow job. Usually indicates that the recipient of oral sex either

1) Is completely enthralled with pleasure, or

2) Is completely turned off by the ugly whore whose mouth salivates on his penis.
Faceless bastard #1: "Dude, it totally went ceb-j last night."
Faceless bastard #2: "Was she that good?"
Faceless bastard #1: "Not really."
Faceless bastard #2: "Oh. Sucks."
Faceless bastard #1: "Yeah..."
Faceless bastard #2: "You'd better get that checked out."
by vinman11 December 17, 2007

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A homosexual. Because most men do not have a vagina, the lips will accordingly take the place (along with the anus) of asaid organ during sexual encounters between gay men.

A man with sugar-lips can easily be identified because of his fine, glossy lips, and an uncontrollable and almost unconscious propensity for licking them.

Please note, as a general guideline, that while all men with sugar-lips are gay, not all gay men have sugar-lips.
Woman: What a hot piece of ass!

Homosexual man: Oh pleease. He's definately got the sugar-lips, hun.


Examples: Keith Olbermann, Tom Cruise.
by vinman11 November 09, 2006

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