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2 definitions by gstary39

A term used to sarcastically mock the failure of one or two individuals. It is most commonly used in the game of "keep up the ball" in soccer when one of the participants allows the ball to make contact with the ground, or kicks the ball away. A 1! A 2! A 1 2 3 4!!!!!
Player Vinnie and Jo allows the ball to make contact with ground and participants shout: "Jo/Vinnie for president!!!"
by gstary39 November 23, 2016
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A word used by vile and abusive people when roasting innocent by-standing foul swines. This phrase was recently established in the year 2015 by two vile individuals, as a means of roasting and so called "reking" people if the occasion beckoned. There has already been multiple successful roastings through the use of this phrase. At this time we would specifically like to remember.....AAA, Allie Butt, Martin, Vienna, Harpoon the Pontoon and many more. The phrase is also commonly used in sporting situations when the crowd goes mental! For example, if a player was to miss a shot at goal then the response from the crowd could possibly be a long and dragged out: "BOOOOOOOOOOO EWWWWWWWWWWW!"
Person 1: "I dont deserve this harsh words! "
Person 2: "I think you deserve more BOOOO EWWWW!!!"
by gstary39 November 22, 2016
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