Said when someone playing a sport does something particularly impressive; somewhat synonymous with "nasty" or "off the hook."

Always said by itself, never in a sentence.
"Eww" -after a Michael Jordan reverse layup, for example.
by Benjamin Watanabe November 25, 2003
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the white man invented the word eww to signify the ransid aroma of the black man during the periods of slavery...the reason of this smell was due to the limitations white masters put on hygiene during slavery..i never use the word eww cuz it symbolizes the master dominance over its slaves...eww is a word that is removed from my vocabulary
Eww...that slave stinks!
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to be amazing...used in description of a noun

eww dude, that shirt is raw or Someone says, "im going to the world series" reply: "eww dude thats nasty"
by Ezekial McHunterstein April 24, 2008
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