a cute lovely caring person always makes you laugh if you find a ewel you stay with her because she will have your back and stand up for you
a ewel is the best if you find one stay with her

because she is loyal
by hi ewel love you so much May 17, 2021
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Really nice large village just outside London in the north of Surrey. It's a mile from Epsom and two miles from Cheam, with which it shares the vast and beautiful Nonsuch Park. It is very picturesque with some buildings dating back centuries, lovely old churches and a small village centre park called Bourne Hall park which also features a library and a large and very pretty pond complete with a fountain. Ewell is also home to the excellent Ewell Castle School.
When in Ewell it's pleasant to visit Bourne Hall to get some books from the library and then have a picnic in Bourne Hall Park overlooking the pond.
by .l April 29, 2014
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A place where sluts and druggies go to slag each other off. all the geeks have acne
Ewww that Ewell castle neek has acne.

They all do
by hello_dont_call_me January 30, 2019
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White trash that accused an innocent black man of raping his daughter in classic book To Kill a Mockingbird. Full name is Robert E. Lee Ewell.
That house is so run down you'd think Bob Ewell lived in it.
by honro April 11, 2017
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A shitty ass school where ugly boys live. And the girls just smell like alcoholic perfume. It's full of people that cant be asked to do anything in life. Every sports teacher fucks each other. Everyone who graduates from ewell castle becomes a stripper.

Everyone has either ache or is ugly af.
Did u hear about that pedo teacher that teaches at ewell castle.
by Fuck this shit I'm out October 11, 2019
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a sweet caring person who always has you back will never let you down always stands up for you loves you so much if you are lucky to find a ewel stay with them because they are loyal and has a bunch of friends
a ewel is the best do not let her go
by hi ewel love you so much May 17, 2021
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