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Confudes is a more extreme form of confusion, the highest. Widely used in conversations on the internet. It is better than saying 'confused' simply because of the uber coolness of it.
wesley: im confudes...
wesley: *still confudes*
by mryellowbunbun April 5, 2009
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the fattest tomato in the world...also known as fat eh
omg, did you see nickrod yet? isn't it fat?
by mryellowbunbun March 22, 2009
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When you're saying cool and lol at the same time, it's easier to shorten it to coolol. Plus, it sounds a lot cooler.
Carlie: I just saw a Neopets commercial!
Eric: Coolol!
by mryellowbunbun March 28, 2009
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An acronym meaning Just A Second, Be Right Back. When you don't feel like typing brb and you want to be special, you can use this.
Psdjh: ..and then
Lisa: jacbrb
by mryellowbunbun April 8, 2009
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A term used to describe something that is more than just lethal, it's lethalER. It is mainly used to describe what humans know as clementines...but they are deadly...and LETHALER!
Jasper: clementines are smaller, deadlier, and lethaler than oranges!
Lisa: tootaly! inorite?
by mryellowbunbun April 2, 2009
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A way to say motherfuck without using profanity. Commonly used in front of adults.
qwerty: Hi Ugly Lisa! XD
carlie: shut your motherflippin' mouth
by mryellowbunbun March 24, 2009
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