Song for people who want to make suicide. Please don't listen to this song it can make very ill!! The virus name is: Team 10, Jake Pauler and more ! and don't forget the England is my city 🙂
Kids don't forget England is city! and Tessa Brooks smell good It's every day bro Peace ✌🏻
by England is my city August 5, 2017
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A dumb song by a washed up celebrity who probably rented the Lamborghini from the video.
It’s every day bro with that Disney channel flow
by PBJ_29 May 5, 2018
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Someone who would be able to have sex every day.
every day person I hate to admit but in an everyday person
by Harryv February 19, 2016
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a common expression used to describe an action that occurs with a high degree of frequency.
Amanda: I just found my old Game Boy Color!
Julie: Oh, you're so gonna get hooked...
Amanda: I know. I just want to play Pokemon Red all day every day.
by Nessypie May 18, 2009
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a phrase from lmfao's "party rock anthem" that refers to the apocalyptic dancing sensation known as "shufflin".
Bob: What's going on? What is this music?
Fred: I dunno man, but every day im shufflin.
by mfraz July 8, 2011
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Phrase that means the same as "you learn something new every day" - basically what someone says when the are told something they didn't know before.
Bloke 1: "You can carry something using wheels because carrying doesn't necessarily involve the item being held above the ground"
Bloke 2: "Whatever man! (lol) Every day's a school day!"
by brendan December 23, 2004
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