This girl is the most unique person I have ever met. She has perfectly tan skin and beautiful brown eyes. Her hair can be VERY pretty but when it is straightened she looks like a model. She has amazing fashion sense! She is pretty stuburn, but her other amazing characteristics cover-up her stuburness. She can be serious or insanely funny. Whatever way she acts, she is an all-around great girl and an awesome friend you want to have your whole life.
evelina is an amazing girl.
by gabby727ily November 19, 2011
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the most beautiful girl ever< with blue eyes and brown hair!!!

she makes me smile everyday :P
hey Evelina


Now i feel like i'm on happy pills
by Fire door January 05, 2012
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Evelina is the most amazing girl i have ever met and there in no one like her. She is more beautiful than any girl imaginable! She's a Polish girl with gorgeous green eyes :) She has perfect blonde hair, and a perfect fit dancers body! She's so nice and a great friend. She is soo cute! Just being with her will make you happy :) She can always make your day better! She deserves the greatest guy out there! She is very funny and it's not only because of her blonde clumsiness :p Her smile makes my heart melt, even from a mile away! :) She is an angel in my eyes and she is my best friend! :) <3
there is no example of Evelina, she is the one and only :) <3
by guess :$ September 17, 2011
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A girls' name used in Sweden. Evokes an image of a beautiful, feminine blonde with a sweet and sunny disposition.
"You're going out with Evelina? Lucky."
by RogerDT February 04, 2010
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Beautiful, blue eyes, blond hair, funny and amazig. A special person. She was my best friend. Now... I think she's just a friend, but I still believe inside of me something I can not tell. I loved her and I still do it. I'm sorry for bad things I did to her. I really miss the time we spend together.
by AnonBu March 12, 2014
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An amazing,Smart,Beautiful Girl who deserves the best guy ever she has Blonde Hair,Brown Eyes,Such a pretty face.
*Evelina walks past*
Guy number 1)Wowwww.......Dude she is SMOKING
by Lenaa_Michelle January 04, 2017
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