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Euron describes the type of person who is a straight up street boy. Or at least he will act like it. Does stupid shit all the time and tries to fight everyone. Definitely eats ass and will get freaky in bed. Probably has a smaller penis but still has a lot of confidence.
I performed oral sex on Euron while he beat the shit out of 3 grown men.
by What's ur gamertag bro January 19, 2018
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Those Remainers are utter EURONS! As in moron, but EUron. A stupid and fanatical supporter of the the European Union. I bet that M.P. Anna Soubry sucks lemons for breakfast. She's a real Euron, Eurotard! That Guy Maurice Marie Louise Verhofstadt is a complete and UTTER Euron. Only a Eurotard like him, would wear a toupe like that.
by Go Away Bird April 24, 2019
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Euron is the most loyal person you will ever meet, definitely has a huge dick, Most likely pretty handsom, he will always have your back,Muscular and strong, he will be the best boyfriend you can ask for, he Will be there for you when you need him most, definitely wouldn’t want to loose him in your life
Have you heard Euron just benched 400 pounds?
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by Unknown123098 February 09, 2020
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