A term used for trolling anyone named Theon who wishes to escape the unfortunate comparison with the Game of Thrones character, who is notorious for fucking prostitutes and ugly girls, feeling up his sister, and being a general douche.
Troll: "Wait, did you say your name was Theon, like from Game of Thrones?"
Troll: "Haha how is your sister going, Greyjoy?"
by reasons September 4, 2012
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When a male gets Blue Balls to such an extreme level it could figuratively be compared to the scene from Game Of Thrones when Theon Greyjoy had his man removed with a hot knife after being teased by two very sexy whores.
Dude, I was so close to scoring with that girl from the club, but she Greyjoyed me.Before I could get it in! I thought my balls were going to explode!
by BeardedTyrant February 10, 2014
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Institution that never hires interns or entry-level staff.

They do not sow the career fields, they only pillage workers who jump ship from other companies that will hire or train people new to the field.
Why are you even applying at that crappy Greyjoy employer? You haven't got a chance unless you come with 10 years' experience and a spreadsheet full of clients.
by wholesum1 November 28, 2016
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