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person that lives in Europe and thinks that they are better than Americans because of insert whatever they think they are better at; they also think that all Americans are fat, retarded, can't read, act like George Bush, etc.
European - I think that all Americans are fat and stupid
American - Stupid eurofag
by Lyren March 23, 2007
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An ignorant European who is a class-A douchebag. They think all Americans are fat, stupid, stinky, spoiled retards who a lot like George Bush. A eurofag pretty much has probably never seen an American before, but for some unfathomable reason, they act like they know all about Americans when they don't. They also think that they are superior to everyone else. Not all Europeans are like this, just eurofags, in fact most Europeans are cool, but some are just complete assholes.
Eurofag: All Americans are fat, dumb, ignorant, and only eat McDonald's!
Average American: For your information, most of us are in good shape, we are not dumb, only about 1/4 of us are ignorant idiots, the rest of us are not ignorant, and we don't scarf down McDonald's like animals. So who is the real ignorant person?
Eurofag: *silence*
Average American: That's what I thought, you eurofag.
by Valintino the Big Surpremo August 31, 2010
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North American slang of derision for an emasculated European male. Eurofags are the downfall of European white men; and the example that all self-respecting white men should not want to be like.

They usually drive cars that look very futuristic & unisexed. (meaning, both genders drive them). Common cars Eurofags drive are Peugeot, Citroen, Audi, Vauxhall and Alfa Romeo. Most common music of choice for Eurofags are Electronic, Hip Hop, Eurodisco, or some other weird, awful futurist synth music. Which can often be heard being blasted in the aforementioned vehicles they drive, mentioned above.

Eurofag men also usually dress in cheap crappy consumer Sports wear like ADIDAS or Puma, without realizing it actually makes them look queer. Eurofags are usually very stuck up European men who tend to boast and view themselves as more advanced than the rest of the world (especially USA) when factually, compared to other Western nations, the lives they live are actually nonetheless very shoddy & primitive.

See also: Eurotrash, cuck

**Note: The term Eurofag does not apply to Russians, Romanians or people from the former Yugoslavia regions; as these areas have not been as cucked; as the rest of Continental Europe.
Germany, France, Scandinavia, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Poland are often filled with men who are Eurofag's
by Osama Obamason, Jr April 10, 2017
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Any male from any of the European countries. European males are predominantly homosexual so we might as well label them all.
I'll be in Germany this weekend. I hope no eurofags try to dance with me!
by Buggard July 09, 2005
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A European guy who is heterosexual but acts in ways that we as Americans view as being gay, or maybe just unmanly.
For example: An American guy will wash the dishes. A Euro Fag will wash the dishes but wear those yellow rubber cleaning gloves while doing it.
by SPoland Spring December 18, 2008
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A male who dresses stylishly in typical young European style (e.g. too-tight shirt, complicated shoes, rarely wears jeans or sneakers). May be an actual European, but usually an American poseur. See metrosexual
Before "Queer Eye" we called metrosexuals eurofags
by whatever February 02, 2005
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a male characterized by a tendency to direct sexual desire toward another of the same sex, while possesing a self-important attitute, typically in tight, revealing, and eccentric clothing

akin to breeders definition "euro-trash"
by bluezepher January 28, 2003
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