Describes ether-based cocaine, typically thought to be of a superior quality.
You lookin'? Got some fi-ya...It's ether.
by Uncle Beasley April 3, 2006
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A dis track performed by Nas, which caused several semi rap fans to immediately jump on his dick. Many of these "fans" had never heard a Nas album, and 99% of them never heard Jay-Z's response to the song, a track entitled "supa ugly" which was written, recorded, and released within 12 hours after Ether made it's debut. Supa Ugly was only heard on New York City's HOT 97, and was withdrawn from the airwaves after Jay decided it was just way too vicious of a diss.
When Nas put out Ether, he made several false claims.

Example 1: Norman Rockefeller died of AIDS
Example 2: "...then u said u was better than BIG"
(actually jay said he's not better than big, but that he's the closest one)

When Jay dropped Supa Ugly, he revealed a true fact which was confirmed by Nas himself:

Me and tha boy A.I. got more in Common than just ballin and rhymin
Get It?
More in Carmen
I came in ya Bentley backseat
Skeeted in Jeep
Left condoms in tha baby seat
by wakamusha March 20, 2007
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a man who has huge muscles loves fishing and has a big heart. loves his truck and his kids.
i am so etheral right now
by notetheral April 16, 2021
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Ethereal is a Mineplex Competitive Cake Wars team in the CWCL. Formerly known as Pillows, the team finished Seasonn 1 9-1, however was eliminated from the playoffs by Fruitcakes because Newo is a reet. The team is currently lead by Cocomonsters, Newo, DevOperator, and Lowlly. They are Tier 2 rank 3 in Season Two.
I am looking for a scrim against Ethereal today.
by iNewo May 17, 2018
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An organic solvent. used for removing goo in moving parts
I used ether to clear my car's carburetor. Two shots and it fired up good.
by muff man April 27, 2004
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An ethnic. A Jit or a Mo.
"Have you seen the new bloke in NVD?"

"Yeah mate. He's an ethers isn't he?"

" Sure, sure. They make really good data analysts"
by Nindi February 3, 2005
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