ether: Something of beauty, or a haunting power.
Lily has the ether.
by Lilyholic May 28, 2011
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A harsh-smelling chemical that is sometimes "huffed" so as to attain a feeling of immobility and an impairment of motor skills.
After drinking ten beers, Bill indulged in some ether and soon passed out.
by Aristotle January 16, 2003
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Restores one hundred and fifty MP.
Oh noes! I don't have enough mp to use KOTR, I better use an ether!
by HotShot September 18, 2004
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I'm on it right now. All I can describe it as is an insatiable need to satisfy yourself yet you are always a disappointment. Someone knows what I mean.
Me: Did I just do that?
Me: Yeah, wait no that never happened because it's happening now.
me: what does this feel like?
me: last time exactly.
me: no because this is this time.
me: ether
by jesuschrist himself August 7, 2009
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Term used to describe ether-based cocaine...Usually thought to be of superior quality
You lookin'? Got some fi-ya...It's ether
by Uncle Beasley April 3, 2006
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this shit is fucking crazy!
u can see yourself twice but you don't know which one is the real one which kinda sucks but also makes it more interesting:)
When i was doing ether i saw myself lying on a big bed on there were little monsters in different bright colors(they had a lot of hair and huuuge big teeth) on my knee and were eating it!that fucking freaked me out! then i saw the other me just watching me. stupid me! until now i still dont know which one was the real me :D
if u wanna experience an amazing nightmare then do it - have never done it again but it was awesome but also scary ( since these monsters were eating my knee/legs although i didnt feel any pain) my conclusion is that is was fucking cool:)!!!!
by tereza March 1, 2008
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ether is wet,water,ohhweee(martin),embalming fluid ,illy ,dear mama,sheba ect... me and my friend was on it 4 three days straight and he started to stink really bad(not musty) and it bothered me his mom later said it too.And it came to me "your souls on fire"i said.This was in when you dip a joint you seem to know more than einstein you figure the meaning of life so clear and every thing in between its like that apple that eve bit and was supposed to be like god and know the difference between good and evil which was a lie, but this is what it might of felt like,hence "ask me if im trying to kick knowledge naw i kick the sh*t that you need to learn tho that ether the sh*t that makes your soul burn slow".I immediatly knew what he was talking bout when it came out.scarface and pac talk about it too veryyy slighly only the few know whats up.
I got some weed anyone got that ether?
by cedricharris March 4, 2008
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