New slang, commonly found on forums online. Derived from ether.

Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones aka Nas (American Rapper) b.sept 14, 1973. Had an ongoing beef with fellow New York rapper Jay-Z. Which began from Memphis Bleek (Rapper affiliated with Jay-Z), having references to Nas from his debut album 'Coming of Age'

Nas retaliated in 1999 on his album, Nastradamus.

This carried on and the diss record, Ether, was released on Nas's album 'Stillmatic' in December 2001.

This diss track, is widely recognised as one of the best of it's kind throwing insults at Nas's rival left, right and centre.

This rivalry ended in 2005, where Jay-Z brought Nas onstage and they performed together.

Recently, Nas basically said on Kanye West's "We Major" track, that he's a free artist.

Early in 2006, he signed to Jay-Z's Rocafella music label.

Even though the rivalry ended, without violence, the term is still used. This is because is the raw energy and hatered they had for eachother.
Jay-Z got ethered!
- Most polls state that Nas won most votes

Tyson got ethered!
- Danny Williams knocked out Mike Tyson

Any situation where you think somebody won a battle, where it is open to discussion. But usually is only used when there is a clear cut winner.
by Rishi C May 9, 2006
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It makes you behave like the village drunkard in some early irish novel ... total loss of all basic motor skills: blurred vision, no balance, numb tongue---severance of all connection between the body and the brain. Which is intresting, because the brain continues to function more or less normally ... You can actually watch your self behaving in this terrible way, but you cant control it. A total body drug. The mind recoils horror, unable to communicate with the spinal column.
You approach the turnstiles leading into the circus circus and you know that when you get there, you have to give the man 2 dollars or he wont let you in. But when you get there everything goes wrong: you misjudge the distance to the turnstile and slam against it, bounce off and grab hold of an old woman to keep from falling, some angry rotarian shoves you and you think: Whats happening here? Whats going on? Then you hear your self mumbling: "Dogs fucked the pope, no fault of mine. Watch out!... Why money? My name is Brinks; I was born... born? Get sheep over side... woman and children to armoured car... orders from captain Zeep. Ether is the perfect drug for las vegas. In this town they love a drunk. Fresh meat. So they put us through the turnstiles and turned us loose inside.
- Hunter s Thompson
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
by gunit January 19, 2005
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1.A volatile, highly flammable liquid, C2H5OC2H5, derived from the distillation of ethyl alcohol with sulfuric acid, can produce strong anesthetic effects.

2.The regions of space beyond the earth's atmosphere.

3.(archaic)the fifth and highest element after air and earth and fire and water, believed in ancient and medieval civilizations to fill all space above the sphere of the moon and to compose the stars and planets.

4.An all-pervading, infinitely elastic, massless medium formerly postulated as the medium of propagation of electromagnetic waves.
by DaRk October 29, 2003
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To burn someone. It f*cks with your soul. The sh*t that makes your soul burn slow. First heard by most people when Nas (the true king of New York) buried Gay-Z's career...look at Gay-Z now...pathetic.
Ether...the sh*t that makes your soul burn slow.
Hahah...Nas just etherized Gay-Z.
(I) Fuck with your soul like ether
(Will) Teach you the king you know you
(Not) "God's son" across the belly
(Lose) I prove you lost already
by Nas March 4, 2005
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(Adj.) Each and every one of the masterpieces that are the members of BTS
Ex: Jimin, V, Suga, RM, Junkook, Jin, J-Hope.
((If ya want proof all ya need to do is look em up🤷🏻 ))
Dayyymmmm im jungSHOOK at how ethereal Jimin looks in this photoset.
by basicwhitestan November 19, 2018
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That shit that make your soul burn slow.
Johnson gave Roy Jones a taste of that ether.
by Adnis Reeves October 22, 2004
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