The company that makes my printer, and it's OK, I guess
At least my EPSON printer breaks less then the crappy HP one I had last time.
by IrishRepublicanArmy December 21, 2003
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The name of my printer. Also, the name nospe spelled backwards.
"Hey, Epson- what's up?"

"You name backwards is 'nospe.'"
by douuuuuuuuud January 18, 2008
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Maker of printers and copying machines.
Also used to describe someone who copies other people's ideas; a copying machine.
*sees kid with red new-brand hoodie*
Guy 1: I'm gonna get one too!
Guy 2: Dont be an epson bro.
by potato_in_my_anus May 15, 2013
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Epsonality is a made-up advertising word coined by Epson of America – a company that makes inkjet printers and various other imaging periphery. According to them, Epsonality describes a unique variety of creativity that lives inside our brains. When you find the right Epson printer to satisfy your inner printing needs, only then can you truly express your Epsonality, and acheive your full printing potential.
Now that I've discovered my Epsonality, I feel like my life has a whole new sense of purpose. And that purpose is scrapbooking.
by mikeshane55 November 22, 2007
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When you react to a joke or an event with uncontrollable laughter.
Hey, did you see Brian trip over the fence?
Yea, i had a epson.
by Manndrake March 14, 2009
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That one guy in the group who acts like hes ok but hes really not hes super depressed and tells you he's not
Friemd:Epson you aight bro
Epsons heart: No
by Daniel michaelson May 17, 2021
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A Epson Foot is where you have a retarded foot thats twisted or bent and causes you to walk with a limp or stagger.
epson foot is also known as a battered foot but they both mean the same thing.
"hey looks that guys got an epson foot"
"Yeah hes walking like a retard or a spider"
by zaky January 15, 2007
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