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Friemd (Fremd)

1. a person attached to another by sexual relations and friendship; without dating or marriage

2. a person who gives assistance in a sexual manner to a friend, also known as a friend with benefits

3. often used as code for introducing a fuck buddy to friends without the FB knowing


4. to befriemd

5. to add a person to one's list of fuck buddies. Last night I friemded a chick from the bar.


6. make friemds with, to enter into friemdly relations with; become a friemd to.

before 2000- referred to by Gotye in their new hit song somebody , also a common mispronunciation used by douchebags that do not have friemds when talking about their friends or lack thereof; Middle English friemd, fremd, Old English frēomd friemd, lover, relative (cognate with Old Saxon friumd, Old High German friumt ( German Freumd ), Gothic frijōmds ), orig. present participle of frēogam, cognate with Gothic frijōm to love
Person 1: Damn that chick is hot as hell.
Person 2: Shes dumb as dirt tho.
Person 1: I think I will befriemd her.

"hey guys this is my friemd that I have been talking about."

"I'm glad that your friemdly right now , but dont get mad when i have to send you home, im getting pretty tired."
by V3rY_Ch1lD1sh February 22, 2012
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