Adjective. Feeling melancholy while or just after listening to Éponine sing in "Les Miserables."

Origin of EPO: from Éponine, a character in Victor Hugo's Les Misérables, as she is portrayed in the Claude-Michel Schönberg musical of the same name; emo
"Whenever I listen to the second half of 'A Heart Full of Love' I get so epo."
"I can't get through 'On My Own' without becoming so epo I cry."
by MissKaraoke May 25, 2013
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The delicate yet elusive act of taking a car and ploughing it through a grassy pane, wether it be a park, field or any area that has grass on its surface. Some fear EPOS, others have it in their blood.
EPOS professional: Fancy epos'ing the absolute fuck out of that park a bit later?
EPOS assistant: highly deece
by George Thomas! August 20, 2009
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1. Amazing

comes from the word 'Epoflondorious'
Derek Jeter is so epo at baseball.

Michael Jordan was epo at basketball when he played
by Pinekone November 25, 2006
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Entertainment purposes only
Ouuu is tray one of your boo thangs

Nah he’s just for epo
by Coreyjanae7762 November 11, 2019
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Loves running from the cops. Never goes to Harry's Kitchen. Just a bloody good lad to be with. However, does drugs and stubborn as hell
Don't do a Nathan "EPO" Hill. You're wrong, and change your opinions.
by Twaites September 9, 2018
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epo: a feeling/emotion. it can be expressed as an aggravated feeling or if you think something is really cool/epic.
Person 1: hey check out this art I made!
Person 2: bro thats sick im going epo
by mucus/maracas May 11, 2022
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An accronym for Expensive Piece Of Shit. Extension of POS (Piece Of Shit). Used to describe objects that have no material or functional gain over cheaper alternatives but serve to cater to expensive tastes.
I paid extra for the gold plated model but it just ended up being an EPOS
by Kh0de September 2, 2020
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