Ethical Non-Monogamy. A style of relationship where non-monogamy, the state of being romantically or sexually involved or partnered with multiple people, is practiced in a ethical/moral fashion, in such a manner that every person involved in the relationship, sexual or romantic connections know they and those involved are with multiple people.
Gabriella, told Manuel she was going out on a date with Jason, who described having enm marriage with Rihanna through texting. Manuel was excited for her, he also had a date night with someone new.
by urbandweler December 25, 2019
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Stands for Ethical Non-Manogomy. Otherwise known as swinging
“I saw Jess had ENM in her tinder profile, let’s see what’s up.”
by PhenixZ June 29, 2018
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Electricity and magnetism. Physics course all science students in Quebec colleges must take in order to graduate
Did you take EnM this semester?
Yeah, it's pretty hard so far.
by Muckleydoi August 27, 2022
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Girl 1: Did you see that ENM pic floating around the internet?

Girl 2: No, all i ever see is ENF
by mrthatguy21 July 10, 2013
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A frogge biþ a smale beaste wiþ foure leggeys, whiche liueþ boþe in þe water and on londe. It is ofte tyme broune or grene or yelowe; or be it tropyckal, he may liue in trees and haue dyuers coloures lyk reed, blewe, and blak. It haþ longys and guilles boþe. His frounte two feet have four tos and his bak two feet have fif tos. Þes tos stiken wele to wode, rocke and glas. Froggen moste be in þe water to spawne. Þe frogge haccheþ from an ey and it þanne becomen a tadpolle. It groweþ to þanne a frogge, iþ it be nought eten. Som male frogges maken loude souns wiþ þeire mouþs foro femelles. Wen male frogges maken loud sounds for to make þeimselves knowen to femmelles, som þe femmelles refusen.

Everich frogge ets smalle bogges und a lyk crikets, fliys, and wurms as mete. Þei haue tungs þat ben longe and holden faste to quarrie so it doþ not escaipe. A frogge may be founde in all contynens excepte Antartika.

Frogges biþ breþren wiþ toades. Toades biþ muchel lyk froggen wiþ drye þicke sken. Som folk þynke þat ye kan geten weartes from toades, but þis is nae trewe.
Look at that Wp/enm/Frogge
by big thicc ass January 27, 2021
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