The bottom tips of the marijuana plant that accumulate the most resin and crystals after being hung to dry.
Because its so dank, endo usually costs more.
by Ace Stanton January 30, 2004
1. Chronic.
2. A 'wheelie' on a bike/motorbike with your back wheel off the ground.
"Keen to blaze sum of that endo?"
"I waz doing an endo at 180km/h with no helmet on the freeway and a cop 'clocked me'."
by Diego September 9, 2003
crashing your mountain bike such that your rear tire goes over the front one during the course of the crash.
Holy shit you totally endoed in that sand pile, your bike went flying, you ok?
by KV July 3, 2003
where the front brake of a bike is applied with the intention of raising the rear wheel into the air
by chris July 20, 2003
An uncommon japanese surname that are descendants of the powerful Fujiwara Clan, mainly found in eastern japan. In the past this clan were powerful daimyos, nobles or in aristocracy
Oh! Endo you say?!? They are a very strong and hardworking family!!
by yuukinox1827 April 25, 2016
Facepalm! Jeez there are a lot of rookies chiming on this word.

Endo as a term referring to a type of marijuana does not come from "indoor." It is a mispelling of the term Indo, which refers to one of the two species of marijuana, Cannabis Indica. Indica is said to provide more of a relaxed, body high whereas the other species, Cannabis Sativa, is said to create a higher energy, more cerebral high.
If Sativa makes you paranoid, you should try some endo.
by Don Stone June 13, 2014
V. To be thrown over handlebars on a bicycle or a motorcycle. Usually occurs when a rider applies only the front bake, causing himself to be thrown from the bike.

N. The act of being thrown over handlebars on a bike.

Alt. forms: Endoed, endoing
"Dude, Mike just endoed!"

"Don't pull an endo in the race or you might end up breaking your neck like Mike."
by Not Mike the dude October 10, 2008