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A reference to all emo kids in general. Being that emo is a false genre compiled from bits of other (valid) musical subcultures into a uniquely bland, and unoriginal composite, emo is "retarded," the combination of "emo" and "retard" becomes the redundant, but accurate slur.
All those emo kids who think they are being original by looking like each other and pretending to be so emotionally deep are really self-deluded emotards.
by Marcus Solomon November 06, 2007
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Derived from emo as a subculture label, and retard used as a derogatory statement not peticularly connected to mental inability. Used most commonly by those who hate emo kids because they use stereotypes against everyone they meet.

An 'emotard' is inflicted with the same (false) connotations as emo because of the media and a respectively small percentage of emo kids who do fit the stereotype, to fit in with their peers.
-over emotive
-cries alot
-cuts themselves to show people
-writes poetry/songs
-is in an emo (hardcore/softcore) band
-wears emo fashion'

Many emo kids have taken the name in good humour and use it between friends with no negative connotations.
"Go away and cry you emotard, and listen to some real music like metal!"

"Hey fellow emotard! How was the maths exam?"
by Goffboy's Dictionary on Life January 10, 2006
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A person who has become so severely restricted in understanding emotion that they can no longer receive it or give it out. This ultimately leads to the shut down of the part of the brain that processes emotion and the person becoming totally oblivious.
My boyfriend is such an emotard! I've been trying to tell him I love him for three weeks now and he still has no idea.
by Jessica February 22, 2004
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An individual who is emotionally retarted/disturbed for unknown reasons
Why is he acting like a emotard?

Dude, smile, stop being an emotard!
by pi3dets May 17, 2010
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A new slang word meaning "Emotional Retard" founded July, 11th 2010 in order to help put a comical spin on the tragic life of Alea and friends.
Stop being such an emo-tard Andrew!!
by Big Baybee July 11, 2010
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