Emoji (from Japanese 絵文字, read えもじ) are tiny pictures you can put as a character in text. Their appearance differs slightly between platforms.

The concept and the word both date back to early Japanese mobile phones; “emoji” means “pictogram” in Japanese. Emoji spread worldwide when the iPhone implemented the emoji keyboard, made possible by the Unicode Consortium’s efforts to combine all the world’s text encodings into one.

The word “emoji” is made of two components, 絵 (e) and 文字 (moji), meaning “picture” and “letter” respectively. Therefore, any claims that tie the word to “emoticon” are etymologically wrong.

Emoji are also not to be confused with emotes, which appear on platforms like Twitch or Discord, and do not have Unicode code points; for example, 😂 and 🍆 are emoji, while PogChamp and OmegaLUL are not.
“I’m so bored. Let’s play connect four
Use red”

“Android phones have USB-3 ports, headphone jacks, expandable storage, non-store apps, and Google Maps. iPhones can make your face an emoji.”
by cutesy pastel living doll July 01, 2020
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the ultimate reversion of modern languages back to hieroglyphics
"I need a damned guide to read some of these emoji!"
via giphy
by wtf!girl July 30, 2019
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a way to show in text that you want to have sex
if someone send you this they want to fuck :😫🍆🍑💧
Jameson: gets a message
Girl : sends emoji 😫
Jameson : texts back Fuck me you bitch
by d8stfgudwsyahfg November 26, 2020
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Different kind of faces that people use to send in texts or uses to express there self.
Lisa sent a smiley face emoji to Sarah. Sarah sent a smiley face emoji back to Lisa.
by WordLover78 March 17, 2018
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by They stole my name the ._, April 27, 2019
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🎃😧🤖🤧😪🤕💩😺🤖🤠💀😵👹👹😪🎃👽😪💩🤑🥴😸😻💀🥳🚶🏼 ♂️💇🏼 ♀️👭💇🏼 ♀️🕴🏼🧖🏼 ♀️🤦🏼 ♂️👯 ♀️🤷🏼 ♀️
When you get h**** af you just type in these three emojis: 🍆, 💦, and last but not least... 🍑
by Bitchasshoe🤑 January 16, 2019
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something that was once cool but got ruined by 8 year olds and grandmas who dont know the difference between crying and crying of laughter
note: there is one exception, its 🗿
my grandma thinks 😂 is 😥
bro she needs emoji class
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by hsafudgysjudyf May 13, 2020
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