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A newfangled genre of pop music that combines two unrelated elements: the lyrical content of emo (sob, sob, sob, SOB) and the loud guitars of today's metal.

The singers in Emo Metal bands tend to - for some reason only few can decipher - scream as much of the lyrics as humanly possible.

See also: screamo
When I tuned into Fuse last night, they played a series of pop-punk and emo metal music videos.
by aleclair November 12, 2005
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A non-existant genre of music invented by those freaks out there who like both emo and metal music (not me I swear... *feighns innocence*)
Some random: Hey, there's no such genre of music as Emo Metal!! What kind of person likes emo and metal??!!

me: *whistles innocently and walks off in opposite direction*
by baby_in_black December 12, 2005
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A mixture of Emo(simple plan, sugar cult, fallout boy) and hardcore or possibly Nu Metal(Minor threat, Lamb of God, Korn). some well known bands of this Genre are Killswitch Engage and Bleeding Through. Its basicaly a mix of the crybaby lyrics of emo, and the harsh yelling of hardcore.
examples of emo metal would be Killswitch Engage: Rose of sharyn
Bleeding through: on wings of lead
by Motobreath137 September 03, 2005
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Emo music with more gothic, darker and metal influences.
some emos are partly gothic and therefor they are called ''emo metalheads'' or ''emo goth''
Emo metal is Emo with darker and more metal influences.
by Slacky Smile October 15, 2007
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Pretty much "ALL" metal is a bunch of gay goth/emo bullshit.
Take your fucking bullshit metal emo-metal sub-genres and shove them up your teenybopper fag asses."OH MY GOTH,YOU ARE ALL THO EMO IT HURTS MY POOPER"....

by die ya little fuckin bitches September 02, 2005
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