A newfangled genre of pop music that combines two unrelated elements: the lyrical content of emo (sob, sob, sob, SOB) and the loud guitars of today's metal.

The singers in Emo Metal bands tend to - for some reason only few can decipher - scream as much of the lyrics as humanly possible.

See also: screamo
When I tuned into Fuse last night, they played a series of pop-punk and emo metal music videos.
by aleclair November 13, 2005
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A mixture of Emo(simple plan, sugar cult, fallout boy) and hardcore or possibly Nu Metal(Minor threat, Lamb of God, Korn). some well known bands of this Genre are Killswitch Engage and Bleeding Through. Its basicaly a mix of the crybaby lyrics of emo, and the harsh yelling of hardcore.
examples of emo metal would be Killswitch Engage: Rose of sharyn
Bleeding through: on wings of lead
by Motobreath137 September 4, 2005
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any metal at all since it's all gayer than a shitdick
all metal sucks so much queer anus that its all emo metal
by metal sucks and is gay December 8, 2007
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It is physically and musically IMPOSSIBLE to mix Emo and Metal
by Corb August 29, 2004
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No mater what you think, this does not exist.

emotive hardcore (yes it falls within the realms of punk-rock... that is to say D.I.Y. punk rock) cannot be mixed with metal because of the totally different ethos that surrounds the two.
boy 1 in bad metalcore/grind t-shirt - "that atreyu are proper emo "metal""

boy 2 in nice braid /texas is the reason /hot water music /quicksand /dag nasty t-shirt - "oh, fuck off would you? thats just bad metal"
by Party Lewis December 21, 2006
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There is no term in existance. The two genres of music are mutually exclusive of each other. Metal revels in sex, drugs, violence and death. Emo on the other had cringes and cries in a corner at such ideas.
It's either Metal or Emo, not both.

You are thinking of PostHardcore, or just plain EMO, you fucking idiot!
Dude: Fuck I love SLAYER!
Emo: Umm...why do they have to sing about such evil things and like it? Why can't Emo "Metal"have some kick ass music like this but without the evil and violence? It makes me want to cry...(whines)
Dude: Because, pussy, there is no such thing! No one in their right mind would even think about that bullshit! Get the fuck out of my McDonalds...
(Kicks the shit out of the emo loser)
by mrcemetery February 25, 2009
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Someone who knows anything about Emo or Metal: Uhh...
by RKFS November 28, 2007
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