a beautiful talented woman, who is a mlif.

person 2 : "didn't she abuse Evan Pete-"
person 1 : *grabs a gun and kills person 2* shut your hole bitch.
by lilyrosedeepstan April 19, 2021
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a hot actress who so many people are jealous of cause she’s living her best life and she’s the nice of julie roberts. she also has many fans who love her!
“you don’t like emma roberts? you’re so weird get a life
by sofitefilms March 28, 2021
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Another one of those crappy actresses who can't simply act. Only got the part because she's the neice of julia roberts and the daughter of eric roberts. Also, sings.. badly, as seen on that stupid show Unfabulous. Just another one of those hilary duff's, except with brown hair.
Person 1: Hey, like, Emma Roberts, is, like, totally awesome!
Person 2: *vomits on person 1*
by Ecstasy September 16, 2006
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The niece of Julia Roberts. She is a terrible actress, and is only riding on the family name.
"Did you see that movie with Emma Roberts?"
" Aquamarine? Hell no!"
by natalie14 April 25, 2006
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a super, amazing, extravagant, talented, super underrated, beautiful actress. she remains unbothered by the haters and continues living her best life despite people thinking she is an abuser, which she isn’t !!
person 1: have you seen the new emma roberts movie?
person 2: yes, it was amazing. she is the best actress to ever walk planet earth.
by emma roberts stan <3 May 16, 2021
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the actress who had me blowing their back out last week. also a simply stunning human being and whoever disagrees can suck it.
jake: yo, remember emma roberts?
me: my hot, beautiful, delicious wife who i ate out last week?
jake: yeah.
by babiesheads June 8, 2020
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emma roberts is the best actress from american horror story and just in general she is so sweet, kind, funny, and of course the hottest milf on earth
Person 1: i wonder who the best actress is
Person 2: it’s emma roberts duh!
by emmarobswifey February 10, 2022
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