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1. A place or condition of ideal happiness; paradise.

2. From Greek Mythology, the Elysian Fields. The resting place for those favored by the Gods when the die.
by Anonymous August 28, 2003
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Elysia is a fictional location in the Cthulhu mythos. It is the legendary homeland of the Elder Gods.

Elysia exists in an alternate dimension, and is where all the Elder Gods dwell in peaceful coexistence. It is infinitely vast and may not be entered without the approval of the Elder Gods themselves. Reaching Elysia is possible yet extremely difficult.

Gender: Female

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Blissful Sweetness

Pronunciation: Elysia is eh-loo-see-ah in Greek, the Y being said as in the French 'rue'. Most people don't know Greek, so the usual English take on it is 'eh-lee-see-ah'

Common mis-pronunciations: eh-lee-sha, eh-lisi-a, eh-lye-shuh, el-iz-ya, el-se-uh.

-sia is pronounced - 'see-a' not 'sha'
Elysia is blissfully sweet.

by Konrad Higgins February 22, 2006
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The Indie Queen. Rules over everyone else with her long wavy hair and music taste that's unknown to everyone. Likes to try deny being in an attempt to make herself more indie
by AdventureOwl September 13, 2012
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The girl that everyone stops and stares at in the hall ways at school. No one can resist. Especially Dark haired blue eyed boys.
"I just can't stop... staring at Elysia"

"My dark hair goes with her name, Elysia"

by The hood ;) February 26, 2009
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Elysia - Noun - The best friend someone could have. Side effects include: Allergies to everything, prone to injuries and illnesses, dwarfism and the inability to drive.

Always helpful and willing to do anything for you.
My best friend Elysia and I, were...

I wish all my friends were like Elysia

I love Elysia!
by captaincanada1111 November 01, 2011
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She is one of the most Beautiful funny imperfect girl you will ever meet. She thinks about others and loves to help. An Elysia always acts adorable even when she doesn't try to. She's athletic and fit. All the boys have a crush on Elysia. An Elysia mostly likes Italian Hispanic white and light skinned guys. Guys who are taller and could stare into her eyes will make her immediately fall for you.
Boy: *looks into eyes* Elysia Your so adorable *smiles*
Elysia:Really? *instantly hugs boy*
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A very beautiful girl usually blonde with blue eyes very petite that when young in there age are very promiscuous and boy crazy because so many hang and run for her but at thee end of the day she is to smart for them all and usually settles with one. She loves and cares with all her hart and soul for the guy she has chosen to settle with at each present time and gives every relationship her all as she is a hard worker and smarter then the average person. But through her life she will have followers everywere she goes and everyone will be her bitch because she i so quick on her feet and sure of herself as noone else is and they will always try to fight for that special place in her hart but most will never succeed because theres already one person who has that and he might be killed one day for it.Oh elysia what is it about you that makes everyone look like a fool!
tom: Wow i feel like i've been seduced beat up and loved like never befor in my life all at once
Jebediah: Yea man elysia
by Marshmellowmatters May 20, 2013
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