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Elysha means nice, talented and genius. She's a person with love and care to animals. She is quite a perfectionist but anyways she is good to many people. But do not mess with her because she does not want to be mad.
The boy had a crush on the girl named Elysha.


Someone insulted Elysha. Elysha became so angry.
by Meygan Jean November 20, 2010
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A beautiful and amazing girl who’s smart, honest, nice and caring. She likes to make random noises. She has eyes that sparkle under the light and sometimes change colour but are usually green. She absolutely loves chocolate. She rarely feels fear, she has rosy cheeks and always seems to have a gorgeous smile on her face. Her boobs are amazing and big. Although her hands always seem to be cold her heart is very warm, and her kiss gives a feeling like no other. She is well known for her sexual prowess.
Elysha is so crazy but from what i experience personally i couldn't be anymore happier with being with such a beautiful and amazing person.
by booom.nogga.pugga47 June 29, 2011
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A social butterfly, who speaks her own mind who isn't afraid of confrontation - she has the best ass in the world. Her eyes change in the sunlight, but are usually green. When she wears mascara, you can notice her eyes from across a crowded room. She has natural honey coloured hair, but she dyes it , it has been red blonde and brown. She is beautiful, and a very loyal friend.
Damn, did you see elysha's ass?
by crazilyinlovewithher909 September 24, 2011
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