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elidia is short but she will is known for standing out. she is one of the most beautiful girls you will know. there is nobody else you will meet like her. she can be really weird and can act dumb at times but she is one of the smartest of her class. if you meet an elidia you should keep her.
damn did you hear about that elidia girl, she has like 6 guys on her already
by crack head booty lover March 08, 2019
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She is a short girl. She is a ugly person and you will hate her once you meet her and if you ever look at her she will break a mirror and will make you blind and vomit. She is a very ugly dumb ass person. She has a very bad personality and if you ever date her you will regret it.
I dated a Elidia and I regretted it
by Sksusg April 27, 2019
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