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The name for a traditional English requirement for a hot beverage, usually tea or coffee and a light, sweet snack to go with it, usually biscuits. The urge arrives around 11am, hence the name, and is used to fill the gap between breakfast and lunch.
"I'm starting to feel a little peckish, is it time for elevenses yet?"
by bohdave August 27, 2008
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elevenses is a term that refers to the act or aftermath of an automobile spinning tires and leaving two black marks on the pavement.

The marks left often resemble the number eleven (11) sometimes with slight curvature to them.

Elevenses are often the result of hooning.
"Did you see Matt lay down a set of elevenses leaving the car show?"

"My Mustang can do elevenses for miles if I try!"

"Matt, did you leave those elevenses in front of my house!?"
by BradStang February 21, 2013
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Usually a snack from a vending machine enjoyed by someone who is too greedy to wait for lunch.
<person1: 10.45am> Do you have any snacks over there I can eat?

<person2: 10.46am> There's a vending machine over there for people who require elevenses.
by JNUK June 03, 2005
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