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What the Dutch put on french fries instead of ketchup.
I've seen 'em do it man, they fuckin' drown 'em in that shit.
by bohdave April 28, 2005
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If Tom Cruise asks you a question about this guy, you're dead!
Tom Cruise: "I'm going to ask you a question about Miles Davis."

You: "Shit..."
by bohdave May 02, 2005
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The funniest of the Scary Movie .... um, movies. It has by far the most bizarre, must-see alternate ending ever!
George: You guys ever wonder what it would be like to stop livin' up here
*puts hand up in the air*
George: and start livin' down here?
*puts hand down low*
Mahalik: Or what if we stop livin' over here
*puts his hand out to the side*
Mahalik: and start livin' over there?
*puts his hand to the other side*
CJ: Shit, my aunt Shaneequa used to live over there! But that bitch got evicted though.
Mahalik: For what?
CJ: Mice.
Mahalik: I thought she had rats?
CJ: No, rats are outside, mice are inside.
Mahalik: But what if a mouse goes outside does it become a rat, and if a rat is in the house, is it a mouse?
CJ: I ain't seen no mouse outside. That's what I'm sayin'.
Mahalik: That's because it's a rat, fool!
CJ: Damn! You mighta just made fact. That's some real shit...
by bohdave April 30, 2005
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The name for a traditional English requirement for a hot beverage, usually tea or coffee and a light, sweet snack to go with it, usually biscuits. The urge arrives around 11am, hence the name, and is used to fill the gap between breakfast and lunch.
"I'm starting to feel a little peckish, is it time for elevenses yet?"
by bohdave August 27, 2008
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Churchill the dog's catchphrase, of Churchill Car Insurance fame. Tends to add more o's to "oh" for additional emphasis.
Uninsured driver: "Churchill, can I get a 15% discount when I buy your car insurance online?"

Churchill: "Oooooooooooh yes."
by bohdave May 31, 2008
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An overpowering, stinky fart.
Holy shit! That's disgusting dude! That's a total Godzilla room-filler!!
by bohdave April 30, 2005
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Acronym for "It's In The Script" - a quick and easy response to any query questioning something unrealistic, inconsistent or just plain stupid seen on TV or in film.
Pete: "How the hell could Jeff Goldblum upload a virus to the alien mothership using a Mac?"

John: "IITS."
by bohdave July 15, 2008
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