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elanor is both the name of the sunflower that grows in the Land of Lothlorien and the name Samwise Gamgee gives to his first daughter in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The name means "light" and describes someone who is basically other-wordly, a supernaturally radiant person who lights up the people around her. An Elanor is intelligent, beautiful in non-conventional ways, and tremendously loyal and courageous.
"Elanor, I feel like I'm always going to want your affirmation and I'm never going to get it."

"Why not, Elanor? Remember Sam? The little sunflower that grows in Lothlorien?" "That's it Mister Frodo! That's what I wanted!"
by sunflowerinwhite February 07, 2010
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A rare and unusual animal. Often found hiding amongst mispellings. It should not be confused for the more common beasts Eleanor & Elinor and may become angry when provoked with such suggestions. However, if treated well and with close attention, the Elanor can be an insightful and amusing animal with a tendency towards the delightful.
"It has been reported tonight that an Elanor has been spotted in an urban bar. This very rare Elanor sighting has got Elanor spotters rushing to the area." Trevor McDonald, News at Ten
by Okaydokey March 31, 2011
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