Originally the name comes from a myth from the Muisca peoples during the early 1500's in the Andes (what is now Colombia). The myth tells of the legend of the Golden Man, or El Dorado. This came to be known as an actual place, an empire, where this golden king lived. There were many treacherous expeditions undertaken during the 1500's in order to find this place, true Indiana Jones styles (Sir Walter Raleigh tried to find it too).
We toiled and sweated through the thick Amazonian underbrush, air thick with humidity, all to find el Dorado.
by Hannah Maia June 13, 2006
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a legendary dance club in buenos aires.
located at hipolito yrigoyen 947.
was opened in 90's. the original owners were sergio de loof and alejandro kuropatwa, among others.
el dorado is the most important underground dance club in buenos aires
by matias July 3, 2004
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A small city in Kansas with a population of approximately 12,300 people according to the 2000 US Census. El Dorado is located at 37°49'16" North, 96°51'30" West. The place is full of ranches and oil refinieies. Has a notable smell, kind of like a mix between Dodge city and Kuwait.
I went to Butler County Community College there. I'm never, ever, EVER coming back....oh I remeber the fire.
by Bob Chipesca October 17, 2004
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A small town in northern California, population approximately 2000. Home to a gun shop and Poor Red's bar, a sandwich shop, a timbermill, and Union Mine High School. Sucks even more than the town down the freeway, whose claim to fame is a historic lynching tree.

Also, a northen CA county containing the city of El Dorado.
Man, I need to get the fuck out of El Dorado before I end up LIVING here.
by out April 28, 2005
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Oh Megan dated dudes exclusively in college but these days I hear she's on the road to El Dorado
by Arionessa September 27, 2018
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Someone figuring out their sexuality, or, most commonly, homosexuality.
Oh, she dated primarily dudes in college, but these days I hear she’s on the road to el dorado.
by Candelabra March 2, 2018
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Let's start this. El Dorado Hills has grown from a small town into a 50,000+ people in it. Today it does not only has the market deli, but safeway, heaven, the movie theater, and many other places were these rich people go to play.

There's also the over crowed highschool (Oak Ridge aka Coke Ridge) full of drama queens, track stars, white people pretending to be ghetto, cheerleaders, and a bunch of white sterotypes. This high school surprisingly is one of the best in California. The campus has a bunch of small buildings where students go to class. During lunch they hang at the quad, courts, lunchroom, or stoner tree etc...

This town has many hidden secrets to it and you will only figure them out once you have lived there. It was once a great place to have a family but now promotes sheltering children and these kids go wild once they grow up.

El Dorado Hills is great to hate but even better to love.
Person: Dude some kid last year though some x down the toilet at Marina

Person: We went to heaven the other day and it was bomb!

Person: I love going to the movies and just spending the entire day and sneaking into movies.

Person: Taco Bells five layer Burritos are legit!

Person: I hate tubers on folsom lake.

Person: My parents just bought me a brand new ferrari!

Person: The water balloon fight of 08'-09' was awesome!

Person: Did he really just streak through campus?

All Phrases and stories i have heard from people living in El Dorado Hills
by 13u1_1_375 July 28, 2010
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