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Basically, the condition of having a photographic memory. Can also be used to describe any kind of advanced memory skill/abilty/condition (depending on the circumstances of attaining a photographic memory).
I am definitely NOT eidetic, because my memory sucks.
by Wyrd Darcnyzz August 14, 2006
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Eidetic means to have an extraordinary memory, like taking a snapshot of a long piece of text and being able to recite it word for word. Different to photographic memory, where it's more people just saying they can do it when they can't. Eidetic is the science; photographic is the myth.
People also tend to assume that being eidetic means you "cheat" in tests. If you are an Eidetiker (eidetic person) all I can say is get used to it. You know that game where there are ten objects on a tray, and it gets covered up after 30sec and you have to remember what was on there? We used to play that game in my family at Xmas but I was banned from playing it when I was 6 because my memory was better than anyone else's in the room, which made it unfair (apparently).
Person 1: Wow, how did you two remember that poem so quickly?
Conor: We're eidetic.
Person 1: Huh?
Ignorant Person 2: It just means they cheat on tests and use that as the excuse.
Imogen: Oh really? 3.1415926535897932384626... (continues to recite pi to 100 decimal places)
by the real storm scientist May 25, 2016
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