A violent hatred giving rise to open and violent retaliation. Also a state of being in which "violent temper" cannot describe how much the person in question is likely to kill the one they hate. Crimes commited under violent amounts of Animosity would be written off as crimes of passion, because Animosity is that strong.

Also the name of a legendary figure who took his opposition and used it create a powerful rage that propelled him to victory over all those who dared defy him.
DAMN! That guy has a lot of animosity, don't piss him off.

Why did you make Animosity mad? You know what he did to all those 'revolutionaries'.
by Dark_Affinity August 05, 2006
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Intence Hate
I show animosity twords that faggot fuck in the front row with the .5 inch cock.
by doushe December 15, 2003
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1) A very agressive hate or disliking for somebody/thing
2) A talented Tech/Deathcore band from California
1) Animosity is the reason for many conflicts
2) Animosity is fuckin sweet
by HiL1KuS 09 May 08, 2007
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gigi:theres a lot of animosity around here

by cuppppp March 22, 2019
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A ficticious "place," like Area 51 or your mom's cooch party, in which people I don't like can be engulfed in a swarming mass of raging anal fury.
Andrew McFarlane can go burning into the toilet of rectal animosity.

You should be swallowed into the toilet of rectal animosity... and be smited with the fury of a thousand angry anuses!
by The flaming salmon (alex) November 23, 2004
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