Testicles; used when a male is having intercourse with a female and his testicles are slapping against the female, making a distinct "slapping" sound. Derived from the term "beat cakes", another term for intercourse.
I had drunk sex last night with Alexis and she wanted it rough, and now my egg beaters are sore this morning.
by Wally L Richardson April 18, 2010
Egg Beater: A person who is retarded beyond all comprehension that equates to the same value as an inanimate object such as an Egg Beater. For example a retard, idiot, or all round fuck wit.
"look at that fukin egg beater"

"fuck you egg beater"
by aussiemash April 8, 2010
A collarless, sleeveless shirt, otherwise known as a "wife beater" which has been worn so long without cleaning that it has become completely yellow from a combination of sweat, spilt beer and smokeless tobacco spittle.
When Cletus saw the film crew from "Cops" he put on his favorite egg beater so as to look good on TV.
by Rick Santorum November 3, 2006
To achieve this act, one must first crack eggs into a woman's vagina, then, by having sex, beat the eggs until they are ready to scramble or you finish, then having her squeeze them out into a frying pan where they are cooked and eaten.
This morning I was horny and the wife was hungry, so we did the Egg Beater. You know, kill 2 birds with one stone...
by The Caulk Goblin April 12, 2011
A sexual maneuver with a degree of difficulty 9.9. Requires a woman who has given birth to triplets lately. You put your feet inside of her and kick in a bicycle motion - like you are an egg beater. You are also literally beating her eggs, so it works on two levels.
Man, I just slept with Kate from Kate Plus 8. I busted out the egg beater on her.
by mister creepy February 2, 2011
When a guy cums in a girls belly button, and the pours flour in it, mixes it, then let's it dry
George really wanted to fill the void in Wendy's stomach. So he made and egg beater to fill her belly button
by riseofshipley December 13, 2016
Multiple bean dips done in a consecutive manner at high velocity. One or two hands may be used to accomplish this task.
"Carl bean dipped me 4 times when I my shirt was off!" -Silky Johnson

"Dude that's an egg beater, I'm so sorry" -Phyuk Yu
by Phyuk Yu October 24, 2010